What is the difference between real and demo account?

Trading on demo accounts and on real ones is not differ technically. Demo account is for learning and real one is for trading practice.

How to start earning money with brokerage company?

You should follow the 3 easy steps: 1. Create an account. 2. Deposit money to your account. 3. Use free materials for learning and understanding the process of trading and implement them.

How to trade on Forex if you haven’t much money?

Absolute Global Markets provides deposits of 250 USD and more. It means you can get a leverage and start to trade without additional limits.

What is trading robots?

It is a special PC softwareю. This programmes are based on a set of FX trading signals which help to define whether to purchase or sell a certain asset at any convenient time.

Can I use trading robots?

Yes, you can. Trading advisors are fully compatible with MT4 platform. If you have any questions related to the use of trading advisors, please contact our Support manager.

What are working hours for Forex?

It is open all the time because people trade in various markets around the world and different time zones. Forex trading is conducted from Sunday 22:00 GMT to Friday 22:00 GMT.

Why can forex brokers have different financial quotes?

Foreign exchange market is an over-the-counter market (OTC). It does not have an equal market price. Each participant performing the functions of a market maker offers its purchase and sale prices. Forex brokers are market participants and they try to provide their customers with the best prices for buying and selling assets that are available to them. Each Forex broker usually has a limited set of counterparties, and he chooses the best purchase and sale prices among those available specifically to him. These counterparties may be different. This is a reason why quotes may vary. However, quotes have major differences rarely.

What is leverage?

It is a special loan for trading on Forex. Brokers offer various leverage rates: 1:20, 1:50, 1:100, 1:1000.

What is the recommended minimum amount of my first deposit?

The recommended amount is 250 USD. However, you can replenish your account with additional money each time.

Are your terminals available for Windows and IOS (Mac)?

The MT4 trading platforms is compatible with Windows and Mac and can be downloaded to your device.

Does trading a risky process?

Trading in Forex is related to some risk. Good news is you can choose the amount of money you will risk in a particular operation. Market mood is changeable so each trader has an unprofitable transactions from time to time. Traders most commonly risk some part of total investment money in each transaction.

Why everything is working out with demo account but with real trading I’m not so good?

It is a difficult question. This situation may be caused by a few common reasons.
Market trend and sentiment. Stages of the market. If you really have a working proven system that worked on a demo, but does not work on a real account, then this may mean that now is just the wrong time for this system. Any system has a white and black stripes. The trend system loses slightly in the sideways movement, but it brings a lot of profit in the trend. Anti-trend system is the opposite. Higher understanding of risk. Sometimes real trading is more nervous because you understand that can lose the real money. Keep calm, be careful and do not risk if you’re not sure.

How many currency pairs I can trade on?

The international currency market provides the opportunity to trade on almost 80 currency pairs. To gain a profit you must buy one currency and sell another.

How fundamental analysis can be used in trade?

Traders analyse the markets to find out the optimal time to open a transaction.
Fundamental analysis is based on the principle of collecting statistical data that reflects the state of the economies of countries. It helps to understand what currencies are more profitable to trade.

What is technical analysis?

The technical analysis is based on the movement of prices for currencies in different periods of time. The trends have a tendency to repeat themselves, so readers can predict the further price chart behaviour and use it.

How can I use news and Economic calendar to make a profit?

It is important to follow the statements of leaders of different countries and central banks, and in general, economic news.You can earn money by tracking and using information from Economic calendar.

Has Forex real advantages as a way to earn money online?

There many advantages:
– You have an opportunity to work remotely at home, or from any place with an Internet connection;
– free schedule;
– Your broker and manager are fully involved in your income process, you make a small effort but get a profit from your investments;
– It is possible to make money on Forex from scratch, but it will not be possible to get real earnings quickly, it will be quite difficult and take some time.