Trading instruments are the working tools of traders. In the trading terminal from Absolute Global Markets more than 1000 instruments are available, which are divided into Forex and cryptocurrency currency pairs, stocks, indices, as well as commodities.

Currency pairs are the most liquid instruments of the international financial market. Daily Forex volume exceeds $5 trillion. Private traders have the opportunity to work on Forex thanks to the services of a broker.
The dollar is the main currency of international trade, so in the Forex market, the main volume of trading falls on pairs with the dollar:

EUR/USD (Euro – US Dollar)
USD/JPY (US dollar – Yen)
GBP/USD (pound sterling – US dollar)
AUD/USD (Australian Dollar – US Dollar)
USD/CHF (US dollar – Swiss franc)
USD/CAD (US dollar – Canadian dollar)

These currency pairs are less volatile and more predictable. Their trends are dictated by the law of supply and demand, are dependent on the policies of central banks and the general economic situation in world trade and specific countries.
Also in the Forex market cross rates are traded – these are the ratios of currency pairs to each other, which is determined through their value to the US dollar. The most popular cross-rates: EUR/CHF (Euro/ Swiss franc); EUR/JPY (Euro/Japanese Yen); EUR/GBP (euro/pound sterling).
Exotic currency pairs are the ratio of the main currency (USD, EUR, JPY) to the currency of a country with a developing economy, such as South Africa, Russia, Brazil, etc.

A share is a small unit in some company, which gives the right to participate in the management and receipt of part of the profits. Stocks are getting more expensive when the business is successful, its profits and revenues grow.
The stock market is extremely popular because it allows you to make money on the success of the best companies in the world. In our terminals, traders trade shares of Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Tesla, Samsung, Alibaba and hundreds of other leading companies.

The index is the average value of several to several hundred stocks from one country or one sector of the economy. Traders are well aware of the US stock indices S&P 500, Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100. Indices are less volatile and more predictable than individual stocks.

Commodities are popular among traders due to stable trends and reaction to economic factors. The most popular commodity market instruments are precious metals (gold, silver and platinum), as well as various types of oil (WTI, Brent). Also on the commodity market various industrial and agricultural raw materials and semi-finished products are traded.